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Gratis software to edit 32 bit BMP files (ARGB Bitmap)

Microsoft MFC Ribbons use 32 bit BMP files for the transparent icons. While my favorite pixel editor, Paint.NET, opens such files, it displays the transparent pixels as black instead of the alpha ...
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Android drawing and painting app for creating comics

I have Android tablet that support multi levels of pressure with stylus pen. I need an app can help me create comics that has tools for drawing and painting quickly and easily. Please advise
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Translate a C++ graphical program to Web?

I have a collection of little educational games that I wrote some 15 to 20 years ago, dual-targeted for Mac and Windows. They are written in C++, and use native 2D graphics on each operating system. I ...
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Simple cross-platform window/input C library to render raw pixel arrays

I want to make my own render library in a primitive way without using OpenGL or something like that. But I don't want to mess with platform specific window/input management. So I need a library like ...
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Use-as-you-wish AI-generated portraits of human faces

Are there any comprehensive collections of AI-generated portraits of human faces (photorealistic, male/female, old/young, different skin colors, various facial expressions) that are free to use? ...
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Free Sprite Stacking Program for Linux

I have found app, but I can't afford it. Is there any good Free Alternatives to it. That would be so nice. Free means either the App (binary file) be free or the app is Open Source or ...
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Can you recommend an interactive cellular automata/2D sparse grid visualization and computation framework?

I want to play around with different local rules for discrete and continuous cellular systems on arbitrarily large sparse 2D grids. Think a 2D simulation of the wave equation, heat equation, ...
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Moving around parts of multiple bitmaps with same layout

I have about 40 bitmap (png) files which have 3 parts (clearly separated, you can draw 3 rectangles not touching each other containing those parts, and on all files those rectangles are in exactly the ...
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Auto cut text from an image

A friend asked me how to auto remove the words "I Smell The Blood Of Les Tricoteuses" from this (cut only words, for use elsewhere). I have no idea (apparently, long hours with the Gimp are not ...
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Workflow and tools to augment screenshots with custom arrows, numbers, boxes etc

I am looking for a workflow and tools to achieve the following: Create a screenshot (from a specific region of the screen) Add custom-made icons to the screenshots (such as arrows, numbers, boxes etc....
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Graphics libraries in 2020

What are the most widely used graphics libraries 2020? I want to learn how to use some graphics libraries. I have written various programs in python and c++, and it seems that animating these would ...
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Paint tool for OS X with specific features

I am using gimp as my paint program for game graphics, but I want something that have auto straight tool, make the line straight, and isometric grid. I will like program for Sketching and low-poly art....
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What I can use for graphics debugging/profiling in old applications?

What software I can use for debugging graphics/GPU profiling in old applications? (for example, apps which based on D3D8 or using OpenGL Immediate Mode) All modern solutions which I checked, like ...
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Graphics Library for Node.JS

I'm struggling to find a graphics library that can create an images and allows to draw and write text onto the image the same way a native C# GDI+ or similar API would work. For cross-platform ...
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What is an easy C++ graphics/game library for raw beginners?

I want something beginners can program with from day one. The old DarkGDK was spot on for this, so that "Hello world" really is this easy: void DarkGDK () { dbPrint ("Hello, world!"); ...
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Graphic timeline generation tool

I would like to generate timelines for entites, such as this one: I need a tool with support for as many as possible of the following features: Splits Merges Marked points along lines in the chart ...
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Software for automatically aligning and combining adjacent pixel-art images

I would like to know about (zero cost) software for automatically combining a series of pixel-art images of adjacent, overlapping scenes into a single composite image. OS isn't important. I'll be ...
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What software can be used to make this cartoon-like graphic?

What software or fonts can be used to make the following graphic? Edit: I think the font is from
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High-level library for 2D interactive graphics

I am looking for a software library / component with the following capabilities: Manage spatial (position, shape, size) information about 2D objects Render those objects to screen / image Handle ...
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Pixel art software that can export multiple sizes (not Photoshop)

I use pixelmator at the moment to do pixel art to make 8-bit-esque game sprites. For iOS, alas, we need to spit out multiple versions of these. For example, I'm drawing the art at 19x19px (one pixel =...
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Paint tool / Image editor specifically for creating pixel art

I am looking to develop a simple 2D (potentially isometric) RTS game with a friend. The way it's looking right now, I will have to be doing the graphics for the game. Generally, I suck at this, and ...
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Dynamic diploma generation

I'am working on online training site. When user finished the course I would like to generate downloadable diploma for them. They could print it and hang it on the wall. It should be graphically ...
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Pixelart/Sprites color mapper/changer utility

I would like if there is a tool useful to change an image's colors (intended for bi-dimensional game sprites) with the following criteria: Overall purpose: I have a specific sprite set from a website....
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Anti-aliased line and text with WebGL

I have requirement to draw anti-aliased line and text in WebGL (canvas 2D). I checked pixi.js and that seems very promising. But pixi.js has many other things that I don't need. Is pixi.js is modular? ...
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Software to count structures in an image (rastergraphic)

I work with scanned plates from a report of an excavation. I need to count stones build in gravesites. I can do this manually, but it would be very time consuming and frustrating. I am looking for a ...
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What is good replacement for MS Paint on Mac OSX

What is a good replacement for MS Paint on Mac OSX? I am interested in both free and paid solutions. Ideally it would be as simple and as similar to MS Paint as possible. I am not interested in tools ...
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Tool to view memory as bitmap?

I do a bit of raster graphics and video programming. What would be super handy would be some IDE, plugin, debugger or tool that is able to view a chunk of memory as a bitmap image. Most debuggers let ...
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Corny 90's graphics. What programs/tools did they use? [closed]

I am an amateur graphic designer absolutely infatuated with 90's style graphics. I have no idea where to even start on using modern equipment to make some of these decades old illustrations I see, let ...
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Pixel Ruler tool for windows

I am looking for free, pixel ruler software (for Windows, installer or portable or anything runnable on Windows. No browsers plugin , just an application.) It needs to measure webpage components' ...
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Bitmap editor to make game sprites in Linux?

We would like to draw textures and skins for games like Minetest and Minecraft. What do you recommend? Feature preferences (in order of importance): Similar to software used by experienced artists ...
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What pixel graphics program supports creating seamless tiles?

Which pixel graphics program supports the creation of seamless tiles? I have a feature in mind that clones / mirrors a rectangular area (adjacent to the 4 respectively 8 directions) in real-time while ...
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