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Browser extension that sends a full page capture of a website to Pinterest

I use Chrome, and found Page2Images Pin Full Page. Works great, except that the image captured was so small that I can't read the text, and some text and layout are screwed. Anyone came across any ...
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Mac wallpaper app fetching images from instagram or pinterest

Has anyone ever heard of a Mac app that would display wallpaper images from images stream from Instagram or Pinterest? I would like to update my desktop background with images downloaded from some ...
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Script to share all private Pinterest Pins (except for a few specified ones) with a given set of users

I really don't like the idea of public Pins on Pinterest, and almost of all of my Pins are secret. So now I would like a script, either command-line or web-interface, e.g. one written in PHP, which ...
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Script to make all (or specified names of) public boards private

I don't like the way Pinterest does not allow one to move a public board to a secret board. They say it's because the comments from public users cannot be moved to the secret board (which will allow ...
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