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Create formatted text output based on partial string finding

I am wondering which software I should use to accomplish the following: I have a list of partial sequences: EZEO HDZEZWI SVBWG ZSZS KCOEOIUI OIUIUPPEGB And a list of full sequences: ...
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Any tools to find sentences or usages by inputing grammatical patterns?

In this question I asked how I can find a verb that can lead the entity information retrieval in a formal way. Any such tools?
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Software to check if music file (approximately) contains segment of audio? (both mp3)

TL;DR: Is there an automated way to filter a list of files selecting the files that approximately contain another file? Example: Files to be tested (potentially hundreds): my_file_1.mp3 my_file_2....
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Tool to list memory-mapped I/O in C source code

I try to find a light-weight tool to detect some line of C code then get information. For example, I want to detect the code which performs Memory-mapped I/O in embedded software. This code often ...
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Machine learning for traffic sign recognition

I am working on a project and I need to detect traffic sign. Given my limited experience with machine learning and deep learning, I was wondering if someone could point me to any open project or ...
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Fuzzy matching (e.g. Levenshtein) between items in list

I'm looking for an equivalent of the Fuzzy Lookup Add-In for Excel, which unfortunately doesn't work on my dataset (yields error Unable to set the numberformat property of the range class). What I ...
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3D Modeling Software for Tires

I hope this question is relevant to this site :) I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what software would be easiest to use (or most commonly used) to create tire images. A simple google search of ...
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Component for list based suggestion of terms (autocomplete/autosuggest) in web based application

I search a component that is able to autocomplete / suggest / predict based on manual user input. You know this from Amazon where you get a suggested list of products based on what is on offer as soon ...
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