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for software that implements or interacts with the decentralized authentication protocol OpenID

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Multi-provider OpenID implementation for a Go project

We need an OpenID supporting common external authentication providers (Google, Facebook, Okta, etc.) Our project is in Go, so strong preference to have a Go authenticator, but other variants like Node....
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Which OpenID Connect provider to choose? (with password reminders out of the box)

Which open source OpenID Connect self-hosted servers do support advanced features like password reminders, Facebook authentication, etc. out of the box? I also need the ability to control them ...
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On-premise software to implement my own idP Identity Provider

I want implement an identity provider. I am researching about it, but I found any software that was only "identity layer" without any solution for "user store" like shibboleth. I have below require: 1-...
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OpenID provider for single user (self-hosted and free/libre)

I want to become my own OpenID provider. I need it primarily for logging into sites using OpenID 2.0. For older sites, support of OpenID 1.1 would be great. I don’t know much about the new OpenID ...
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OpenID / Identity provider for self-hosting

I'm currently looking for a good (ideally Open Source) OpenID / Identity provider which can be hosted on my own servers. I want to use it as an OpenID provider for a login system which shares the ...
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