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Questions relating to optical character recognition (OCR) software.

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Free OCR software that makes a PDF searchable (with searchable text at the right place)

Is there any freeware OCR software (for Linux and/or Windows) that can take a PDF scanned document as input and output a Searchable PDF like Adobe Acrobat does? With searchable PDF I meant that the ...
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6 answers

Tool for optical character recognition (OCR)

Is there a tool that can recognise text in a scanned document (PNG, JPG) and convert it into a regular text file (DOC, TXT)? It should Work on Ubuntu and Mac OS X Be free Work with most common ...
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Need program to help remove information from scanned documents

I have about 200 PDF scans that need to have information systematically removed. This information to remove includes a set of digits that may vary in length. The current plan is to print each ...
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OCR tool for images on Windows [duplicate]

There are a few ocr questions on this site, but they are either only for Linux, or only for PDFs. So I am looking for a tool that converts images with text into editable text (.doc / .txt). It ...
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Ocr that recognizes this specific image

I've tried Tesseract, Asprise and Abbyy, but they all fail on this image. Abbyy just gives an empty output and the other two convert the "6" to a "5". I've also tried on, which can't read ...
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OCR convert scanned pdf questionnaires into records (csv, database)

The task is to convert questionnaires filled in with pen on paper into records (output could be a csv file or excel sheet, in a database or the like) for analysis. I have tried to find a solution on ...
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Gratis Windows OCR software

I have some PDFs which contain scans of print - as images. Some are books with or without illustrations, some are comics with mixed text & graphics (all are long out of copyright). Is there some ...
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