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JavaScript library to render obfuscated images

I'm designing a website that displays commercial images and want to avoid people saving the image on their computer. I realise that any security measure like this can be defeated by a determined ...
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Obfuscate Python and decode stacktraces

My task: casual obfuscation to prevent code from being easily reused. Just obfuscating variable names would be fine. Are there any tools that allow the following? Obfuscate Python 3 code. Generate ...
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Software to obfuscate core application on linux?

I have some problems to find some software to obfuscate my core application on Linux. I tried Obfuscar but the problem is he breaks many things in core application. And Dotfuscar can'...
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Which .NET obfuscator to use for obfuscating the code with same results each time?

In my program, it is important that obfuscated names be the same after each build, so that I can find differences in files for minimum upgrade size, otherwise users will have to download all dlls ...
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Obfuscator for .NET Core

Is there any software that can obfuscate .NET Core assembly? Open source and Commerical are accepted
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Free app to minify / obfuscate Angulr Js

I am looking for a gratis app to minify / obfuscate AngularJs, to make it difficult for anyone to copy & edit it. Please only recommend something which you have personally used, and trust (I know ...
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Looking for a tool or library to randomly rewrite HTML to a different DOM tree with same or similar visual result

I am looking for a generic tool or library that would take an HTML file and randomly shuffle and rewrite it to create a new HTML file with a different DOM structure but that would visually render in ...
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Licensing Activation Software

I wrote a software product and want to sell it online. The same code source offers all the features, but I only want to activate "Standard" and "Pro" features based on what the customer purchases. ...
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JAVA obfuscator [closed]

Looking for good Java obfuscator utility that can obfuscate both complete application (the final output) and jar files. Commercial or open source. Thanks!
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C++ code obfuscator

Are there programs available that can obfuscate C++ code, so it becomes very hard to read, but at the same time, the behavior of the compiled binary doesn't change, and there is none or negligible ...
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Licensing and Obfuscation software

I'm currently searching for a affordable solution for Licensing and Obfuscation. My budget is very low (I'm a student). I turned my attention to LogicNP's CryptoLicensing and CrpytoObfuscation. Both ...
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