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Virtual GPU in linux?

I'm not quite sure if this is the right list to ask, so please let me know if I should go somewhere else. I'm in the process of planning/configuring what will be a compute cluster based on Debian 11 ...
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What I can use for graphics debugging/profiling in old applications?

What software I can use for debugging graphics/GPU profiling in old applications? (for example, apps which based on D3D8 or using OpenGL Immediate Mode) All modern solutions which I checked, like ...
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Is Nvidia Geforce GT 630M 2GB is compatible for tensorflow-gpu?

I am a beginner in Deep Learning. I have a doubt that whether my graphics card (Geforce GT630M 2GB) supports tensorflow-gpu or not. If so which version of tensorflow-gpu, CUDA, and cuDNN are suitable?...
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Running CUDA kernel on CPU

Is there a compiler that can compile CUDA kernels to an executable running on CPU? Even if it is not accelerated and just a simulation, (for example threads run sequentially until the next synchronize,...
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graphics card api that lets me draw to the screen

I have been learning cuda ( ), which is nvidia's gpgpu C++ libraries and it's great but there is one problem. I want to do some graphics but cuda doesn't offer any "draw ...
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Monitoring PCI Express bus usage

I am looking for a program that can monitor the PCI Express bus usage on Linux. I am mostly interested in the PCI Express bus usage between an Nvidia GPU and CPU. I am aware of https://devblogs....
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GNU/Linux variants that could work on MacBook Pro (Retina, two GPUs)

I'm thinking about trying some GNU/Linux distros on MBP (partly because I get increasingly annoyed by OS X's long-standing bugs which probably will never be fixed, and also I wish to try "next-gen" ...
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Python library to get the GPU fan speed

I am looking for a Python library that can get the GPU's fan speed. It should work on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS x64 and support Nvidia GPUs.
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Tool for cleaning up surplus nvidia installers

Nvidia has a tendancy of leaving its clothes all over the apartment, its dirty dishes in the sink... I mean, it tends to keep lots of old versions of installers, most of which arn't needed. I'm lazy, ...
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