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Questions tagged [netbeans]

NetBeans is an IDE developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) that targets multiple programming languages, among all Java, C/C++, PHP, HTML, Ruby.

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Analogy of IntelliJ IDEA for C++ development on Windows

I'm going to start developing some C++ projects using at least C++11 standard. I have tried Code::Blocks and Netbeans 8.2 IDE. I prefer Netbeans 8.2 but I've got some warnings in the IDE when using C++...
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Choose database for multiple user desktop application

I am developing a Windows desktop application (.exe) for billing and inventory management using NetBeans. The application will run on multiple systems (10 - 12 on average), all connected in a wired or ...
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Netbeans IDE version to use

I would like to know which version/flavor of Netbeans I have to use for working predominantly with Java 8 SDK. I will be using tools like Maven, Groovy, Gradle and other EE frameworks like Spring ...
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Scala ide recommandation

I am still new to Apache spark, hdfs and scala. I am starting a new project on Spark. I am using HDFS and Scala. I need an Ide for my scala programming. I know how to use Netbeans but now after doing ...
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Is there a tool to open a new page in Firefox in an already opened profile?

As far as I could determine, there is no native way to open a page in a Firefox multiple profiles environment when the profile is already open. On the Linux shell I am trying something like: firefox -...
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Netbeans Undo Redo Store Changes

It's possible to view the changes in code and/or form before to apply them? I don't turn off Netbeans, but my memory (not computer memory) isn't enough to remember my previous changes.... Then I ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Java IDE faster/lighter than Netbeans, for Windows

I am developing Java applications. Is there one version fastest or lighter of Netbeans? I'm using 7.3 version on Windows 7, but sometimes is hangs (halt), my version is consuming a lot of memory, I ...
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Java - Existing console application - Create Web application

I have a 'background' application which gathers certain data and performs certain actions over time. This application has been created in Netbeans (SE) as a regular Java application. One of my ...
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Plugin for displaying faded background image on NetBeans code editor

I am looking for a plugin to show background images on my NetBeans 8.0. Visual Studio has some cool extension according to this article, I wonder if NetBeans has anything equivalent of this. Do you ...
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IntelliJ IDEA vs Eclipse vs NetBeans for "pure Java" development [closed]

Important private beta notice: this is a trial question for this proposal on meta: Advocating “X vs Y” questions. Of course IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and NetBeans are all excellent cross-platform IDEs ...
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