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Model-view-controller (frameworks like Django, Rails, etc.)

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3rd party autorization/user manager for MVC Web API .NET framework 4.6.1 - Possible Software to buy

Cheers, I have been reading a lot last few days about given topic. I am trying to find best solution. We are talking about internal Company app which we develop for ourself. Our users are part of the ...
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What kind of framework I should use to build a MSAccess-like Python web site?

I need to build a web site with framework that let me build a skeleton with index, security with login(email recovery), style, and then add forms for CRUD, list, views, maps, landing pages, export DB, ...
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What software can one use to create a data graph out of a website?

i want to extract all the data from a website, and the data is rendered as a data graph. So how can i go about extracting it and saving to an excel or database?
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Business Intelligence integration in .NET MVC project

What are good solutions (open or not, free or not) to integrate a business intelligence solution into an existing .NET MVC project? I would like to provide to the end user tool to aggregate and ...
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Rails-like mvc framework for nodejs?

Ruby has Rails. Groovy has Grails. Python has Django. PHP has Laravel and Yii. Even C++ has CppCMS. They all have in common being an MVC framework with stuff like: URL Routing. (Persistent) Models (...
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Prefer Angular 1.4 or 2.0 for new web application? [closed]

I see that this question had been asked previously too, but that was a different timeframe. We are starting with new web application and want to make a decision between AngularJS 2 and 1.4. Our other ...
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Communication system for web app

I'm looking for suggestions for a communication system to be used in an mvc web application. The internal company users and the external users need to be able to send messages to each other. ...
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Javascript MVC/ AJAX Framework for non-app sites

I wish for my website to be more dynamic, by making use of ajax. Note that my website is a static site (with CMS) and NOT a web app. Requirements I want a JS framework such that: When going to ...
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Rewrite classic ASP website to new technology with SQL Server database? [closed]

I want to rewrite a whole classic ASP website to new technology. But I don't want to change our current SQL Server database. Which is the best new technology and language that more efficient, more ...
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.Net MVC pagination library

I am working on my first .Net MVC project, and I need paging support on several pages. What library do you recommend for this?
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Jira JQL style search in

I need to replicate the Jira JQL style advanced search in my .Net MVC project with EF. "What is JQL style advanced search?"
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Framework to develop a large project in PHP

Requirements: Supported by a big community lots of clones of well succeeded web sites already developed in open source fast code and fast learning ( I know that these requirements can be ...
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