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Chat app with built-in music compositior and music send/share

I am looking for a chat application with an integrated music composer, where you could also send music on staves. The recipient sees a stave, with notes, and can click play below (amidst the chat). ...
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Python API for creating guitar sheet music

I'm looking for an API for creating music scores, specifically for guitar. The important aspect is that I am able to have formal score style music as well as the less formal guitar tablature. I would ...
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Convert MuseScore sheet music to solfege mp3 output

I want to export my sheet music (*.mscz or *.mscx file produced by MuseScore) as an mp3 audio file but with a solfa voice as the output. It is just simple interval exercises, not complex music. Many ...
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Music Notation Software with API

I am looking for a music notation software which offers an API to code additional music. For example Id like to write a melody in the GUI and code an algorithm which dynamically plays along with the ...
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DAW fit for composing/recording in standard music notation?

Needed Software Software, preferably Gratis/FOSS & Linux, that allows: The use of standard music notation to compose music in a variety of genres. The ability to play such compositions. Ideally ...
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Software for song book (booklet)

I want to make a printable document with some song lyrics with chords. Preferably printable as a booklet. I have previously been-copy pasting into word, and printing. So far I have found three ...
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MIDI to music sheet converter for Linux

I am looking for a software that converts MIDI files into music notation. I want the following features: Should work on Linux Should be able to run in terminal Should be able to save the music sheet ...
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Program to convert a MIDI file into music sheets

I'm looking for a program that can convert a MIDI file into music sheets. If possible: Free Windows 7
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