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Multi-threading is the ability of a computer or a program to perform work concurrently or asynchronously by utilizing multiple concurrent streams of execution (generally referred to as threads).

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Looking for a concurrent data structure checker

While reading “C++ Concurrency in Action 2nd Edition” by Anthony Williams, I stumbled across a sentence about an automatic tool that verifies concurrent data structures. He said that such tools exist, ...
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Prime number tester that can effectively utilize an arbitrary number of parallel threads

I am looking for a Linux program that can test for primality of a lengthy integer, (at least 10^8 digits long), and is built to increase performance arbitrarily as the degree of parallelism is ...
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source code analyzer for pthread_mutex types (and lock/unlock balancing)

For the RefPerSys project (Linux/x86-64, GPLv3+ licensed), its refpersys-in-c variant, commit 1441e0fa148d, I am seeking a source code analyzer which checks that calls to pthread_mutex_lock and ...
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Decompose a video frame into an array of RGB values - C++

I am currently trying to write a motion detection algorithm for a college project (Parallel programming). My idea is to decompose a video into multiple frames, which will then be converted into a 2D-...
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Tool to tell me the optimal number of threads

This S.O question is knocking on seven years old already. It asks what the optimal number of threads is (or was, back in the days when there were no multi-core CPUS). Is there any app which I can ...
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