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Minimizing the size of PDF files

Minimizing the size of JavaScript code (like JS Minifier) or PNGs (like Tiny PNG) are meant to reduce the bandwidth and speedup loading times of websites. I'm looking for a similar thing but for PDF ...
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What is the lightest OS I can install on a new computer like XP service pack 2?

I cannot figure out how to install my gold XP CD on my late model computer. I keep getting Errors. Why does it not load? What self-loading and unpatched OS can I boot a new computer with that is ...
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What is the best command line tool to concatenate and minify javascript files?

I have a bunch of JavaScript files (.js) that needs minification. I need to concatenate them and minify them during my build process, using a command line tool on Windows. Concatenation prior to ...
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Windows tool minimizing apps to notification area by closing them?

TrayIt! can minimize apps to system tray (notification area), but it can't do the same when with the close button. Is there a tool that makes the act of closing an app become minimizing it to the ...
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