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MS Teams app for management of software development

Looking for an MS Teams App to manage software development. Something simple as there are only a few people that will use it (small team). Desired features: Feature requests Bug reporting/tracking ...
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Looking for an easy Microsoft app for "Task"

Can you please point us to the right tool? We (4 users) need an easy and accessible tool (Microsoft products). Most ideally it's on Microsoft Teams (or Microsoft apps). Hoping the follwing functions ...
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Time conversion across time zones

I need to write to colleagues and customers across multiple time zones. Most often east coast, west coast, eastern Europe and India. E.g. “Are you available tomorrow 10:00 am EDT / 7:00 am PDT / 5:00 ...
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Looking for a tool similar to workflow slack for MS teams [Query management]

We have a quick n clean query management UI on slack called workflows. Once clicked, we have a popup: Once this is submitted, we get a chat message within that channel as an inquiry tagging ...
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