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tool for copying files from OneDrive to Google drive directly

I need a tool to directly migrate all our files from OneDrive to Googledrive. Sharegate, Veeam and Gs Richcopy360 are my final list (all are paid tools) from your experience with that kind of copy, ...
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Partner Center Analytics App for Power BI alternative

It's very frustrating to have an overview of the Microsoft Licensing in Partner Center. To fix this Microsoft created Partner Center Analytics App for Power BI. The last time someone blogged about it ...
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Looking for free Windows software that's the most compatible with Microsoft Office and its formats/features

I'm searching for something gratis on Windows that can handle Microsoft Office documents with very high compatibility. Especially Word documents and it should be able to interpret all page layout ...
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Tool to collaborate on text creation and moving around of text blocks

tl:dr: Looking for a tool in which text blocks can easily be moved along an axis/timeline automatically re-aligning on every change. Hello community Working together with someone else on a story/...
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Why do you chose to not use Microsoft Access to develop applications? [closed]

Over the years I have heard from many Corporate IT departments and application developers as to why they chose to not use MS-Access, and even not allow it to be used, for developing applications. The ...
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Convert Office Documents to PDF on Ubuntu Server

I need to merge multiple documents into a single PDF in a web application running on Ubuntu Server. I've merged PDFs in the past so that shouldn't be an issue, but the documents can also contain doc, ...
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Document Editing on Web Server

All, I will be creating a website that basically hosts/organizes various microsoft type files such as docx, xlsx, etc. I am only familiar with apache and php based web servers but my work is more ...
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Tool to migrate files from Dropbox to OneDrive

My development group has over 1.5TB of files on Dropbox. Our company is standardizing on Office 365 and OneDrive for files. I am seeking the best way to migrate the files from Dropbox to our ...
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Automatically detecting and carving images from .doc, .docx and spreadsheets

I'm looking for a tool that can extract detect and extract any image format from word documents in both .doc and .docx formats for an automatic document classification use case. It is nice to just ...
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How to store huge amount of measurement data to easily use with Microsoft Office

I work as a test engineer at a big company. In my department people create a lot of measurement data all the time. Usually it's in the form of xy-data like an acceleration vs time series. It can also ...
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WMF editor/converter for Linux?

I have some WMF file which I got from a .doc document. It has some vector graphics and some text in Arabic. I tried opening it in Inkscape, but that failed. Is there a more robust WMF editor for ...
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Library for generating document from MS Office templates

Can you suggest a library to generate dynamic documents (DOCX, PDF, XLSX) for C#? I would like to start from a Office document or template and merge an XML data model to get my final document.
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Gratis (or much cheaper) alternative to Add-in Express [develop MS Office add-ins in Delphi]

Add-in Express allows Delphi developers to create add-ins for Microsoft Office products (I am particularly interested in Outlook). While this is an excellent product, I find the $349 price just a tad ...
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