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Bitbucket won't support Mercurial after June 2020. Where can I find another service like that?

Bitbucket support for Mercurial repositories will stop in June 2020. After much consideration, we've decided to remove Mercurial support from Bitbucket Cloud and its API. Mercurial features and ...
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Formatter tool to be called during a Mercurial commit from IntelliJ

When saving changes from the IntelliJ IDE into the Mercurial version control system, I suppose it makes sense to reformat the source code files being submitted for consistency so irrelevant white-...
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1 answer

Mercurial GUI with support for evolve

I'm looking for a GUI frontend to the Mercurial version control system. Right now I'm using TortoiseHg, which I dearly love, but it doesn't have any integrated GUI support for the evolve extension (e....
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Easy and simple GUI source version control on Windows

I'm a programmer and want begin a work with source version control systems. Of course I know about Git and its popularity. I tried to work with it (its clients) several times, but I did't like it. ...
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Hosted Continuous Integration service for Mercurial repos on Bitbucket

I have an open-source Java project in a mercurial repository, hosted on Bitbucket. I am looking for a basic hosted continuous integration service that can build my project and run unit tests whenever ...
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More featureful/standard(ish) alternative to Mercurial hgk

When I install Mercurial on my Linux box (which might be Debian, or Fedora) I get a tool called hgk, which is invoked when running hg view, and displays the revision tree for a repository. ...
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"Kiln Harmony" open source alternatives?

Is there any open source solution that will allow me to maintain a Mercurial and a Git repository and keep them fully synchronized? This is what Kiln Harmony promises. I have worked on repository ...
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Version control tool interoperable with other version control tools

We are starting to reevaluate version control software to be used at our company. We selected ClearCase about 15 years ago and Subversion six years ago, so we have some environments still with ...
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Tool to view Hg revision graph focussed on head splitting and merges

Revision graphs can become complex. TortoiseHg does a decent job of visualizing this, for example: However, this is a bit too much detail to conceptually grasp how the various named branches do or do ...
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Tools to test coding style (Perl, JavaScript ) before a commit is allowed into the main repo

Can any one recommend a tool that will allow me to define a set of coding style requirements, and prevent anything that violates this style from being committed into the main HG repository. I know ...
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Code review tool with mercurial support

We currently use Review Board for code reviews, but over the last year I've found new releases increasingly buggy. Especially since upgrading to version 2.x, it seems mercurial support isn't getting ...
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Benefits of using Crucible with FishEye for mercurial, any other decent alternatives?

I have an experience of using both github and stash for corporate repos and both tools a very mature and indeed are very handy for pull request based code reviews. Unfortunately, there's no option ...
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Self-hosted replacements for Mercurial

I'm trying to migrate off Rhodecode for the same reasons as mentioned here: Alternative to RhodeCode The big difference is that I'm using Mercurial exclusively. I know there are plenty of great ...
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GUI for Git and Mercurial on Linux (similar to Atlassian SourceTree)

I am looking for an app or piece of software similar to Atlassian SourceTree for Linux (Ubuntu). SourceTree is a GUI frontend for Git and Mercurial, designed with ease of use in mind. I know that ...
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