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Is there a software tool, payment or free that can transcribe live meetings from system audio and not just mp4 files

Is there a software that can do this live and could differentiate the voices, so those would get described as Person1 Person2, with timestamp and what they're saying.
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How to add an incoming landline call to an internet conference call?

Consider this scenario: I'm in an ongoing conference call using internet. (this conference call can be held on any suggested software like skype, google meet, zoom, etc etc) Someone calls me from a ...
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How can I achieve this "nametag" effect on video calls (Zoom and Google Meet)?

I like this idea that I see at but I want to be able to full customize one for myself in Photoshop. I tried making a .png file with transparency and using that as my &...
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Time conversion across time zones

I need to write to colleagues and customers across multiple time zones. Most often east coast, west coast, eastern Europe and India. E.g. “Are you available tomorrow 10:00 am EDT / 7:00 am PDT / 5:00 ...
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Use a timer as a Zoom participant

I have weekly meetings on Zoom during which participants are encouraged to speak. However, some speak too long, not allowing enough time for others, so we sometimes use a timer to control how long ...
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3 answers

Software for virtual meetups in clusters

The problem overview: the teams that work remotely lack informal meetups to talk about interesting stuff not related to work. We need a software tool to fix it. How does it usually work with teams ...
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software for meeting

I'm looking for software that allow me to create video live meeting, with management user system. I want that every user will enter with user name and password from one device only (i would like to ...
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2 answers

Online Meetings

We have a board meeting that goes on every Friday of the week. The online meeting room is booked for that but we want to run another meeting at the same time when the board meeting is running but we ...
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Scheduling Software

We have a couple self service platforms which sometimes some users need additional assistance with and someone to walk them through the process. I am looking for an application we can embed into the ...
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Sharing a video in a video conference call

I have an interesting question. My company and a client will be having a meeting over Skype for business. I have prepared some videos that I would like to show at the meeting. I would like to stream ...
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3 answers

(Open Source/ Low Cost) Conference Management Software

Have a friend who is organizing a rather large not-for-profit conference (~1000 people). The big hiccup I am seeing in their process is the speaker intake, and how it relates to promotional material ...
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1 answer

command line ical viewer

I don't use a mail reader that supports calendaring, but will often receive emails that have ical invitations in them. They are a pain to try to read in plain text and parse though. Is there a ...
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3 votes
1 answer

International meeting planner allowing to propose several slots

All online meeting planners I could find have only one start/end. What I want instead: Requirements: Each person can enter their available slots, they are shown as seen above. Each person sees days/...
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Equivalent to without public lists of event members

I am looking for a web application where: People can join and leave a group without moderator approval, but with email verification I can create events for the group and people can sign up to ...
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Open source software for Municipality Meeting

I am maintaining some proprietary code (very OLD code: VB6... :-() for Italian Municipality Meetings. I add an image to clarify the kind of meetings: I'm not native English, so I am not even sure I'm ...
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