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Multi tenant DB management tool

I am working towards setting up a new services architecture for a SaaS product and it needs to have a multi-tenant setup. Currently the DB setup is using MariaDB, but I am also looking into ...
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Something like Solr but for statistical purpose?

I have a website generating a certain amount of data on a MariaDB database. On the admin panel of this website I am showing some statistics. The problem is that doing this stats on MariaDB is very ...
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Database for having very long but simple tables

I am in need for a database that can store very long tables. E.g. MYTAB ----- name STRING date DATETIME mark INTEGER value DOUBLE "A.112.akizo", "2023-01-01 01:00", 0, 1234.54 &...
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What is the best “all-in-one” REST API framework for MariaDB/MySQL to use with Vue/Nuxt.js frontend?

So I'm developing with Nuxt.js on frontend and I need to know what you think is the best REST API framework availible. For the moment I use REST API that I developed myself and call it with axios in ...
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Is there a good software for managing a private agenda ? (open-source if possible)

I'm looking for an agenda/calendar app that would allow creating events for an organisation, which is divided into groups/sections. The requirements are : being able to add contacts to zero, one or ...
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is there a Mysql adapter for DBT?

I am looking for a mysql/mariadb adapter for dbt ( I am guessing at least a partial one exists somewhere, but I have not been able to find it. Any leads?
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Free MariaDB forward engineering tool

At this point, MariaDB 10.3 and MySQL 8.0.xx are now different enough that the most recent version of MySQL Workbench has difficulties working with MariaDB. Given this problem is likely to get worse, ...
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