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Lyrics are the words to a song or poem. Use this tag for any software recommendation related to lyrics. Please do not use this tag for help finding lyrics to a song, assistance understanding lyrics, or anything else not related to software recommendations.

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2 votes
1 answer

Sync lyrics to music in browser

I have a song downloaded in MP3 and I have the lyrics in plain text. I would like to create a synced LRC file. (Yes, I'm that oldschool). I'm looking for a tool similar to, but with a bit ...
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1 answer

I need an API to retrieve music lyrics with their timestamp

I'm trying to create a video for an album I love, with the music playing along with the lyrics. Where can I find a good API to do that ? I've had a look at Musicxmatch and Genius, but haven't found ...
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0 answers

Android app that continuously displays lyrics of whatever song can be heard in the room (like Shazam but continuous)

I am usually in places where music is playing in the background, and I often want to see what the singer just said, because I failed to hear a particular word or to make sure I understood a word ...
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