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Software stack to allow clients to donate UI layouts and their own search queries to an Android app?

I am creating a (potentially) mobile application in which the core functionality will provide opportunity to share client-created scripts and layouts (potentially yaml-based) to perform database ...
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Is there a Lua emulator/simulator that supports libraries

There are many Lua Simulators out there. But I am looking to test my Lua scripts for Home Automation for Fibaro HC3. Must run on Windows 10 Must support external libraries, so I can add on the ...
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Windows(x64): OpenComputers Lua IDE

I'm okay with using a plugin for Atom IDE or VSCode. I'm looking for software that will allow me to edit The OpenComputers variant of Lua, so that I may write programs for said mod without having to ...
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Are there any libraries that implement the record data type using a hash table?

I was curious if there are any libraries/programming languages that implement the record data type using a hash table. I know there's the middleclass library for Lua that expands on the table data ...
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Are there static language compilers that can target optimized Lua 5.1/5.2 code?

I want to compile a code written in a programming language with static semantics targetting an unique Lua equivalent optimized code (of preference, compatible with Lua 5.1/5.2). So I need a compiler ...
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Looking for a Overlay UI marking program for screencasting

I make lots of quick gifs but I cannot annotate them that well. The program needs to do following: Hold Rightclick (or some modifiers + rightclick) on mouse Draw Strokes Strokes stay on screen until ...
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Lua code statistics program/plugin

When programming in C++, I have a Code::Blocks plugin that tells me statistics about a project (not just one file), like code to comment percentages, lines of code in project etc. Screenshot from ...
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IDE for Lua on Windows

Recently I started learning the Lua language, but in a very limited way - Heroes of Might and Magic V map editor uses Lua for scripting custom events into the maps. But it (the map editor) use only a ...
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Lua library for recording sound

So I'm aiming to create a simple Lua program that takes input from the microphone and plays it back to the user (as a sort of mic test, fun project). Anyway, everything except the audio recording is ...
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Wherigo decompiler (for Windows)?

Is there any LUA decompiler (for Windows, at best) that would work on Wherigo cartridges? I've tried luadec, unluac.jar and some PHP script found in Internet, but the first both fail to recognize the ...
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Web framework for Lua

Looking for a Lua port (open source) of one of the next frameworks: the Myghty framerowk (python) or Mako (python - successor of Myghty) or HTML::Mason (Perl) or Mason (successor of HTML::Mason). If ...
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