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Best front end software manager for local queries

I am starting a little personal project and looking for a front end manager. I was previously using Microsoft Access but ran into the 2 gig limit and decided to move to a new software. I have looked ...
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Seeking recommendations for a computer program that enables conversion from a Libre Office Impress slideshow to an .mp4 video?

I am seeking recommendations for a computer program that enables conversion from a Libre Office Impress slideshow to an .mp4 video?. Libre Office Impress cannot export a slideshow to video the way the ...
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Is there an open source slideshow to video converter?

Being a Libre Office user, I am having trouble finding a solution to convert my slides to video. I tried Xilisoft, however there were some troubles like the same software was unable to read my Libre ...
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Libre Office Draw Alternative with infinte canvas

I would like an offline program that similarly to LibreOffice Draw allows the drawing of simple diagrams (mostly just boxes that will be connected by arrows) with an infinite canvas that runs on linux....
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ODT (LibreOffice) support on iOS

I recently started using LibreOffice Writer instead of Microsoft Word because of the hassle of reinstalling and reactivating Word on a new computer, and it's not too bad. Writer is not a perfect ...
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Extension for LibreOffice to show word definition

Anyone know an extension that adds a "lookup word" to the context menu for selected word? Doesn't need to be locally defined. It can show a definition from the internet, but I'd prefer it if it showed ...
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library or program to convert ppt/pptx files to odt files

I have ppt/pptx files that I want to convert to text format like odt or LaTeX for printing. Printing ppt/pptx files is possible but not ideal since slides take to much space(require more papers) even ...
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LibreOffice Write headless mail merge script

Libre Writer from LibreOffice has an excellent mail merge feature. And an API to access most of the internal functions including mail merge. I am looking for a bash (Linux) script that takes a ...
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What is the best spreadsheet-like tool to manage structured data with tags and multiple columns of different sizes

I'm trying to find a tool which can fit my needs in the management of a list a scientific papers I read during my phd thesis. For each paper I collect title, authors, write a summary, give tags... I ...
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Linux alternative to MS Access

As for most office ultities on Linux I’ve been fine with LibreOffice, with Writer and Base capable of replacing their MS Office equivalent. However, LibreOffice Base can’t even come close to MS ...
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Gratis, Linux tool to convert PDF "documents" into ODT documents

I sometimes get documents which have printed to / exported as PDF files. Now, Libreoffice is only willing to open these in Draw, not in Writer. I want to be able to make an ODT out of the PDF which I ...
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WYSIWYG word processor (or other tool) able to generate HTML from a document

I'm looking for a word processor that is also able to produce beautifully-formatted HTML pages from a document. Something on the line of LibreOffice, which is able to save in XHTML/HTML format, but ...
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Automatically reopen files in LibreOffice

I work with many different files in LibreOffice Writer at the same time. When I turn my computer off, I need to close them all, and later open them again, one by one. Isn't there an add-on or ...
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LibreOffice Math to LaTeX Extension

I'm looking for an extension that works with LibreOffice's Math application where I could create mathematical formulas in the application and then use the extension to export the formulas to LaTeX. I ...
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LibreOffice dictionary and spell checking in other languages? (without Java)

Using LibreOffice (latest version) on OS X, everything in English. However I frequently work with documents in other languages (e.g. German, Dutch, French) and I would like to have spell checking for ...
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Firefox or Chrome plugin to open Word Online files in LibreOffice on Linux?

So, I'm working on Word Online, and I want to be able to open the .docx files in LibreOffice on Linux while still storing them in my OneDrive. When I go to hit the "Open in Word" button, it tells me ...
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HTML sanitizer to clean up output exported from office programs

I'm trying to export a word document as HTML from LibreOffice on Linux. I'd like to take that output and be able to clean it up: Strip out any tags that are not on a white list that I specify (I ...
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Program to search for word repetitions in text documents

Similar to ComFreeks question on a Program to search for word repetitions in Word documents, I'm looking for the very same – with just a slight difference: it should come as a plugin for LibreOffice / ...
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PHP library to transform Excel .xls .xlsx to OpenDocument .ods

I want to automatically convert Excel files (.xls, .xlsx) to OpenDocument spreadsheets (.ods) Is there a PHP library for that? Or at least a command-line utility that I could call from PHP?
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Reference management for LibreOffice/OpenOffice?

I've been a student far too long and doing properly formatted citations is one of the banes of my existence. I tend to work in LO or Google Docs, then move my files over to Microsoft Word to do pesky ...
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