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for software that supports the dynamic style sheet language Less

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Terminal editor/pager that allows jumping to particular line based on external command or file?

(First asked on Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.) I'd like to script something so that an existing process viewing a listing file jumps to a particular line. The process might be less or nano or, if ...
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Intellisense for LESS in Visual Studio 2017, Is there a way?

I am beginning to use LESS for my CSS in my Visual Studio 2017 environment. Thus far I have downloaded LessCompile, which does a great job of automatically compiling my .less files into .css & ....
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3 votes
0 answers

IntelliSense for LESS functions in Visual Studio?

Does anyone know of an extension that adds IntelliSense for LESS functions, like ceil(), darken(), etc.? Web Essentials 2015.3 adds enhanced CSS support and Web Compiler adds LESS compilation, but as ...
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Advanced text editor for LESS?

I am currently using Crunch as my primary LESS-Editor. It offers syntax highlighting and folding which helps. But I wonder if there are editors that leverage the full functionality of LESS. For ...
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A tool, or IDE plugin to leverage development of .less (Lean CSS) files, and CSS exporting

Currently I am using the Node.js LESS (Lean CSS) module without the grunt plugin to produce CSS files. I have shell scripts that do the LESS to CSS exporting which I run manually. The point is that ...
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