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A launchers is a program/app that helps you find and open programs/apps with ease. There are different types, for example, Android Launchers (aka home-screens), Windows launchers, OSX launchers, Linux launchers (places for program shortcuts)

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any android launcher that uses motion gestures, those read with gyroscope / accelerometer?

There're plenty of launchers that allow to start apps etc. using gestures drawn on the touchscreen. Samsung also uses something they call air gestures - waving hands captured with the camera? But for ...
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clean standalone, popup launcher for linux desktop

I have begun to work heavily by remote connection to Linux servers using Xpra, frequently opening a variety of windowed applications. When connected to a remote host, the Xpra client posts a tray ...
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PC app launcher alternatives

I'm looking for an alternative to having a ton of shortcuts on my desktop / various categorized folders containing shortcuts. I've tried Launchy, and it's alternative Keypirinha (with plugins) but I ...
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Android app launcher which allows creating groups of apps in the app drawer like Windows 10 menu (not folders)

Is there any Android app launcher which can create collapsible groups of apps using lines (dividers) or something in the app drawer? I am aware we can use folders or tabs but I would like to be able ...
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Android app launcher for disabled apps?

I'd like to install lot's of apps as if it would be a web page (e.g. entering new cafe - they have an app, after couple month I have 500-600 apps easily). I'd like to keep most of the apps disabled by ...
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Looking for an up-to-date GUI/Launcher/Autorun creating software

For the longest time, I've been using Autoplay Media Studio to create simple launchers. However, it hasn't been updated in s long time and the resulted launcher isn't really portable (folder with ...
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Launcher that displays numbers in place of Android Notification dots

I like how Notification dots work on Android but ideally I want a number to display in the same manor as the dots. Most launchers that implement numbers display a native count number which I do not ...
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Open source LaunchBox C#/.NET

I need to develop a LaunchBox (see the footnote) for a series of small games I wrote in Unity 3D. I'm going to develop it from scratch with my little hands, but before starting I would like to know if ...
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Launcher for DOSBox and ScummVM games?

I want to setup a Linux computer just for playing my old games. All of the games can run either in DOSBox or in ScummVM. Using DOSBox is often quite complicated, as I must mount the C: and then change ...
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MacBook Touch Bar app launcher software?

I'm really want to utilize Touch Bar as a application launcher for my brand new MacBook Pro 2016. So far, I found few apps: TouchSwitcher Rocket But two both is not suitable for my situation. ...
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Free Android launcher that does not ask for accessibility

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5, Android 6.0.1. The accessibility feature doesn't work on my phone. My phone is rooted, I have the paid version of Nova. Everytime I swipe down, Nova asks me to enable ...
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Windows software to intercept browser calls

In Windows, when an application tries to load a web page, the default browser is loaded without any user interaction. Can anyone recommend Windows software that will intercept the call before the ...
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Free application center

What I am looking for is free software to manage applications to use in an enterprise environment. That management software (let's call it the Application Center) should meet the following ...
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Task Switcher for Windows & Browser Tabs

Am I the only idiot getting himself muddled up between Alt-Tab and Ctrl-Tab? Where was that thing I was just looking at? Was it a native windows app, or a web app hiding inside one of my browser ...
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Dock "extension" on OS X

I'm trying to make my Dock on my Mac a bit smaller. I'm looking for something similar to Chrome's (removed) App Launcher, but for OS X apps. I'm on OS X El Capitan, and would prefer it to be free. ...
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A side toolbar like natively proposed on Windows Vista

I'm working on Windows 7 and I miss the toolbar like Windows Vista (those toolbars you can place on bottom, left, right or top of the screen to display folder contents). I've tested many and many ...
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Launcher or home screen which simply populates the home screen with the most frequently used apps for Android

I'm tiered of organizing my apps. I most often use "Gesture Search" by Google, and notice that it gets most the apps I need on the first letter I write - the results are also ordered by what seems ...
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Android stock launcher, just without the Google Now search bar

The Nexus 5 comes with this useless and space-wasting Google Now search bar: It is hard-coded, and I have been told the solution is to modify the launcher's AOSP source code and remove the hard-coded ...
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Standalone application launcher similar to Linux Mint's

I'm setting up an Archlinux box with a tiling windows manager (xmonad for the moment). However I'd like to mimic Windows/Linux Mint's keyboard shortcut: <win>+<arrows> for moving windows. ...
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Software for creating a USB drive presentation

Recently I was asked to create a "interactive presentation" that could be put on a USB drive that would be given away at a company event. The presentation would either launch automatically or be ...
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Are there any windows taskbar App Lancher like Chrome App Launcher?

Google 's Chrome App Launcher is very nice. Are there any way I can launch any apps/programs on my windows 8 like this?
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Android launcher focused around Social Networking

I am looking for an Android Launcher that is focused on social networking. For example, for any selected text, a popup should come up saying something like 'Tweet | Post', or similar. Facebook chat ...
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Lightweight android launcher

I'm currently looking for a launcher with the smallest footprint as possible. whether it looks like stock or not doesn't matter it shouldn't have a "Prime" version that is to say no paid features ...
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Windows 7 app launcher

Is there any App Launcher for Windows 7 in which you can place shortcuts of your favorite applications? I've got a lot of software which I would like to categorize and place them where I can easily ...
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Launcher app that supports rotation

There are times when I would prefer to view my menu horizontally but the default home launcher app doesn't support rotation. So I am forced to use the default vertical view. I need an android ...
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Free, light-weight launcher for legacy Android devices/versions

Please suggest a free, light-weight launcher for the Android devices which are now categorized as legacy devices, running on Ice Cream Sandwich or earlier (yup, ICS is now a legacy). Most of the ...
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