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What can I (inexpensively) use to create property design?

I would like to find software that allows me to create a crude model of potential property design that includes the views from the property, which is located in a valley and has mountain views in most ...
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Reliable DIY Virtual Landscaping Design apps

Has anyone had success in DIY landscaping via an app? I'm redesigning my rooftop to include lounge area and greenspace but would like virtual professional guidance as I build it out and do so via &...
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Does anybody know of a free landscape / scenery generator?

For example along the lines of Vue d'Esprit 4 (or a blast from the past: VistaPro). I have these but even the former is getting a bit old (!) and it would be interesting to experiment a bit again ...
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Tool for creating 3D Planet terrain with editing

I am planning to create a 3D model of a specific planet/world that exists only on map. I need it to have Terrain (with texture relative to height of the terrain) and Water. Foliage would be great but ...
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Program to design building layouts, with landscaping, structures, conduits

Is there a good program out there that would let me design: Building layouts (house and other structures) Landscaping Would be a nice feature to have ability to do aviation structures as well, at ...
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Software for landscape design?

I am looking for software for landscape design. I'd like to be able to easily draw buildings, fences, parking areas, as well as represent trees, bushes, gardens etc. A free cross platform or web ...
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