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A good solution for cataloguing photos

I am looking for a web-based solution for cataloguing photos. By web-based I mean something that I can install on my own web server, LAMP open-source solution would be best. Cloud-based services are ...
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featureful git web application for lamp stack

I am looking for an application that provides some of the basic features of familiar Git web interfaces, such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, though I have no requirement for the more advanced ...
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What is better for 64-bit Windows OS? XAMPP or WAMP

Does WAMP offer native 64-bit components (Apache, MySQL, PHP)? XAMPP unfortunately have 32-bit binaries. If i need my web applications to scale in terms of memory usage, would it make more sense to ...
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Running C programs on Linux server

I have a C program that takes in input parameters and uses them to compute the trajectory of a particle. I want for this program to be hosted on my AWS EC2 server running linux, so that when someone ...
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Affordable helpdesk+invoicing/billing/CRM with API? (alternative to WHMCS for non web hosts)

I am looking for something that can provide a helpdesk, a decent api and excellent invoicing/billing/crm features, at either a more affordable price, or ideally an open source solution. Can anyone ...
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photo ranking tool

I took a bunch of photos from a photo shoot, and I am trying to figure out my top five. I got rid of all the bad ones, but that still leaves me with about ~40 or so that are decent to great. I want ...
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Webchat for LAMP server with moderation & other features

Need to find a web chat application, preferably free one that can be integrated with a standard LAMP server, with certain features: there have to be chat rooms; there have to be moderators/admins; ...
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Web-based bookmark-storage via own webserver?

I'm running Linux at home (and on an external VPS) and it would be trivial to installing the LAMP-stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on any of them... I'm looking for a web-based bookmark handling ...
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