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free web application to deploy on kubernetes with postgres backend

I am evaluating some of currently available kubernetes postgres-operators (cloudnativepg, zalando, crunchy etc.) For this evaluation, I also need a web application with postgres database on backend - ...
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K8s for fintech apps

I’m planning to expand my expense management app to integrate with credit cards. There is a third party service that manages card issuing and transactions and id like to build an app for customers to ...
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How to Efficiently Detect Schema and Configuration Changes in Apache Pulsar on K8s?

I'm managing an Apache Pulsar cluster deployed on a K8s cluster and we've run into a challenge that I hope to get some insights on. We're looking to establish a robust system that can promptly detect ...
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Tool to start a LAMP system and other utilities automatically

I have created this repository on GitHub with something that I have developed so that by implementing docker I can easily obtain a setup lamp, but I would like to add some additional things to it, I ...
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Choosing a Kubernetes flavor for my cluster

There are many guides and courses, and most courses will point you to minikube for learning kubernetes. But how do you proceed when you feel like you are ready to take off your learning wheels, and ...
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