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Nice admin interface for Spring applications similar to Django Admin

I am a big fan of building Spring based Java applications. Recently I worked a little in Django and saw the Django Admin that is automatically generated for the app - and it blew my mind. Since then ...
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Math equation input and display (like MathQuill) in Jetpack Compose

For math expression input in webapps there is an amazing library called MathQuill. Is there something along these lines for Jetpack Compose? Eventually I'm going to want both inline and block ...
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Time series database with offline data caching

I am looking to develop a system that monitors a sensor using an Android app and uploads that to a remote database for storage and visualisation. Is there a commonly used architecture which can meet ...
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What is a good API to setup user to user payments in an Android app?

I am making an Android app with Kotlin and AWS where users will be able to directly make payments to one another for various products/services. For now I want those payments to be through credit cards ...
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Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) package of jpegtran (lossless JPEG transformations)

jpegtran is a library for lossless JPEG transformations, available mostly as C source code. I want to use it in my open source Android app. My goal is to make my app easily buildable by newbies who ...
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Is there a library for solving nonlinear systems of equations like scipy for Java/Kotlin?

Is there a library like scipy.optimize, where there is an fsolve function for solving nonlinear systems of equations for Java or Kotlin?
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Kotlin persistence abstraction

In preparation for a Kotlin desktop app (multiplatform JVM) I'm looking for local persistent data storage that is more abstract than an SQL database. In short, something like without the ...
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Library for handling paging, error recovery etc. when working with web/remote APIs

When working with remote or web APIs (e.g. REST APIs), there can be multiple challenges like: Throttling and error recovery: If sending too many automatic requests, you may either exceed your granted ...
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