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Mapping software for creating paths on android

We live on a farm which is quite large and mountainous and we would like to be able to map all the routes as we drive using the gps on an Android cellphone. Do you have any suggestions on which ...
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Splitting a KML file by year / location

I have a large KML file containing enough data to cause most programs including Google Earth to have problems. I would like to divide it by year. However, if it could detect when I left my home city,...
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Mapping software to find route using KML (or GPX) file with lots of paths

I have a large KML file (I also have it in GPX format but I've been using the KML so far) with LOTS of walking paths in it, criss-crossing most of France (mostly the GR routes but with a couple of ...
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Merge delimited data files with KML files

I use Google Fusion Tables to merge KML map files with data files. "TractID" is the column the KML file and any given data file has in common. What desktop program or command line tool can I use to ...
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Split a big KML file by countries

I have a KML file containing 5,000,000 places all around the world. The big quantity of places makes it a pain to use in Google Earth, so I want to split it, one small file per country. Bonus if ...
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Online KML validator

I wrote a KML file (geographic annotation XML) and want to validate it. Is there a webapp for this? Requirements: Free Able to validate big files like this one (50,000 points) The webapps below ...
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