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A piece of software/cli for Mac OS to see how long a key is pressed?

I'm currently working on the firmware for my keyboard, which is using QMK. One of the features of qmk is that you can program your keys to do one thing when pressed and another thing when held. E.g. ...
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portable keylogger for windows 10

I should probably say this first, I'm looking for a keylogger that I can put on an external drive to run on my school computer so I can type things without people seeing what I'm typing on my screen. ...
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Android keyboard with keystroke memory?

Just as that. I want to have access to all my keystrokes typed anytime in the past. And I don't want to install a separate keylogger app for that. Let's call it keyboard with a built-in keylogger, ...
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Which keylogger is best for being undetectable by task manager?

I've been in search of a keylogger that, even during its trial period, is undetectable by task manager, that is, when it's running, you can't see the process in task manager. I've downloaded a bunch ...
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Software that can detect spyware and keyloggers

Are there any software that can detect spyware and keyloggers in my computer? The program should be able to check any programs that scan key presses and any programs that take screen capture and ...
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Software for logging keystrokes with timing information

I'm working on a research project for class and I need to be able to log keystrokes with accurate timing information. This keystroke data will be combined with audio and seismic data from the same key ...
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Tool that logs the last ~20 keys (and key combinations) I pressed

When I use the keyboard for certain Firefox functions, and when I do it fast, time and time again something unintentional happens. When I try to do it slowly, everything’s fine. So there must be some ...
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Stealth keylogger for Windows

I would like to test detection of a stealth keylogger for Windows (preferably one that works well on Windows 10). Where can I find either a closed or open source keylogger that does not appear in ...
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Keylogger with accurate timestamps for Linux

I'm curious about my typing, what combinations of letters or modifiers usually take me the most time, etc. For that, I'm searching for a program that logs the keys I press, each with a time stamp, ...
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A keylogger that doesn't have to be installed

We are looking for a free keylogger that should have the main features of the keylogger: Spytector The main things we are looking for: It should be free. It should work like Spytector: The main ...
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Keylogger for personal use that ONLY logs your last X characters

I often times write things online and offline that end up getting lost either due to a session ending, the program crashing, or something else, and it's incredibly frustrating to have to rewrite ...
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