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A piece of software/cli for Mac OS to see how long a key is pressed?

I'm currently working on the firmware for my keyboard, which is using QMK. One of the features of qmk is that you can program your keys to do one thing when pressed and another thing when held. E.g. ...
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Looking for a keyboard listener that works everywhere on linux(chromebook)

have been spending all day looking for a keyboard listener to make a hotkey type thing on chromebook and have been having problems with libraries. I have gotten all the different libraries I could ...
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Keyboard retraining helper apps

Since breaking my wrist a couple of years ago I have gained a couple of systematic keyboarding skills fails. Mainly I think it is that my hand is fractionally slower than it used to be, and when doing ...
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C keyboard library

I am looking for a means to register one or more buttons being pressed and/or held down on a keyboard in pure C (C90 or later), not C++/C#. Are there any libraries or methods to actively monitor ...
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Show keypresses and mouse clicks on screen

I am looking for a tool that shows keypresses and mouse clicks. My requirements: gratis also for commercial use windows Show keypresses Show mouse clicks (LMB, RMB) Configurable position and size ...
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Android spelling game

I am looking for an Android game whereby I can connect am external keyboard to my Android tablet and have a one-year old have the names of the keyboard keys be sounded out in the selected language for ...
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Linux manage input from numpad

I have an extra numpad and I want to use it as macros. Is there any software for Fedora 29 that can change the input from numpad to do something like pasting text? (like "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" or "=_=")
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Does any program automatically measure typing speed?

I like programs like IOGraphica and Mouseotron, which can track mouse movement over time autonomously and give you running stats at any time. I want something like this for typing. Does such a thing ...
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Utility to display on screen the currently pressed keys

I am looking for a tool that would show on the screen which keys I am currently pressing while using other programs. It should show all the keys pressed, and as soon as I release a key - it should ...
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List stuck keyboard keys

I'm looking for a program that can list all keyboard keys that are stuck. I use Windows 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate. If possible, the program should be free (unlike PassMark KeyboardTest™) and handle the case ...
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Tool to insert Unicode character by its numeric code

Yet before Windows came, as a DOS user you maybe remember shortcuts like Alt+(numpad064) you could type anywhere to insert @ (character #64). I'm seeking for a Windows tool which can Convert typed ...
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Software to alert me when I use the left shift key with a left-hand normal key

So, confession time: I have this really bad habit of using the wrong shift key. For instance, if I were to type "Where" with a capital "W", I'd use the left shift key, instead of the right one as I ...
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