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Free indicator keyboard layout for Windows 10

1. Expected behavior I need program, show country flag or language capital letters — for example, EN for English keyboard layout, RU for Russian language and so on, — near carriage (not or not only ...
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Convert Mac Keyboard Layout to a Windows (7) One

I have created a very extensive custom keyboard layout using Ukelele for my Mac. It contains hundreds of different characters and dozens of (multi-level) dead keys. Now I would like to have this ...
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How can I create and type using a custom keyboard layout?

This sounds like a very simple request, right? All I want to do is create a custom mapping of the keys on my keyboard to a set of Unicode characters ─ in fact, I just want to add a few special ...
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keyboard remapping - dell latitude 5511

My office/work notebook has a weird keyboard: the HOME, END and Print Screen keys are COMBINED with F10, F11 and F12, respectively (so I need to press the Fn key to make them work) there are some ...
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Android keyboard with fewer than 26 keys for English text entry

Recently, I came across an innovative Android keyboard that used well-under 26 letters to allow you to enter English text. It didn't employ the old T9 data input method, or anything archaic like that. ...
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Android International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) keyboard

I am looking for an Android keyboard which would be used by linguists to enter International Phonetic Alphabet characters in Android. These would be used in at least two places that I can think of. ...
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