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Software to replace left Shift key by vertical bar or backslash keys

I've purchased a physical keyboard that is missing a left key for typing the backslash character or the vertical tab character. Is there a software to virtualize a key stroke on the left Shift key so ...
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How can I create and type using a custom keyboard layout?

This sounds like a very simple request, right? All I want to do is create a custom mapping of the keys on my keyboard to a set of Unicode characters ─ in fact, I just want to add a few special ...
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keyboard remapping - dell latitude 5511

My office/work notebook has a weird keyboard: the HOME, END and Print Screen keys are COMBINED with F10, F11 and F12, respectively (so I need to press the Fn key to make them work) there are some ...
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Is there a keyboard for Android designed for coding?

Is there a GBoard or Samsung keyboard that can be downloaded onto a Android device (like a Samsung S10) that makes it easier for coding (C++), ie: includes +, =, /, etc in a more accessible place?
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A program to map keys just for a certain executable?

If you like to launch a game that has uncomfortable key combination, is there a program to map better keys just for that game without affecting the entire system? For the sake of example, let's say ...
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Android keyboard with fewer than 26 keys for English text entry

Recently, I came across an innovative Android keyboard that used well-under 26 letters to allow you to enter English text. It didn't employ the old T9 data input method, or anything archaic like that. ...
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Tool to generate keyboard layout diagram

Is there any tool that produces a diagram of the current keyboard layout, and shows secondary characters typed when pressing Shift or Alt Gr (or is editable so I can manually add those)? An example ...
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Android International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) keyboard

I am looking for an Android keyboard which would be used by linguists to enter International Phonetic Alphabet characters in Android. These would be used in at least two places that I can think of. ...
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Free indicator keyboard layout for Windows 10

1. Expected behavior I need program, show country flag or language capital letters — for example, EN for English keyboard layout, RU for Russian language and so on, — near carriage (not or not only ...
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10-key Japanese input method for iPad?

On iPhone the kana input method for Japanese is a 10-key keyboard with a layout like this: あかさ たなは まやら  わ It's really a pleasure to use because any kana character is only a swipe away. For example, ...
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Typing foreign characters without installing keyboard layouts

Reported by a customer we had some issues with special characters that were outside the ISO-8859-1 code page. Since I learned Chinese for three years, I could personally reproduce the issue by ...
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Alternative to Tajpi that types Esperanto characters?

I can't type any Esperanto letters on my keyboard that have the ^ sign after typing ^. Here are my attempts: ^c ^g ^h ^j ^s ^u. None works. So I downloaded Tajpi, but it ignores my settings on how to ...
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Looking for a keyboard with navigation keys (for navigating up/down/left/right multiple-line tex area widgets)

I'm using the default Samsung Keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo Android smartphone. When composing a Facebook (or other) message, the text often spans multiple lines. Whenever there are more than ...
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Convert Mac Keyboard Layout to a Windows (7) One

I have created a very extensive custom keyboard layout using Ukelele for my Mac. It contains hundreds of different characters and dozens of (multi-level) dead keys. Now I would like to have this ...
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Type special characters {!@#$%^&*()} directly without pressing shift key in win 7 and 8

I am using both windows 7 and windows 8 PC. currently I am writing a paper in latex and tired of pressing shift key to type special characters like $%^#& . Is there a software so that I can type ...
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Linux software to detect my keyboard layout

My keyboard has a button with the signs: ">" and "<". This button types "`" and "~" instead. It's located up to the left of the 1 button. There are also 2 more messed up buttons. Anyways I don't ...
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