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Distributed scaling layer (NodeJS based) over LMDB key store

I am looking for an open source Scalabale-ACID based, Key-Value data store, written in NodeJS. In my quest to find scalable ACID key-value store,I have considered Foundation DB and Apache Ignite, ...
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File-based key-value store that is concurrency-safe and NFS-safe

I am looking for a Python 3.7+ library for a key-value store that: Can take tuples of primitive types as keys & values Stores its data on disk so that it persists between processes Does not ...
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Best Key-Value database for intensive insertion

We are working on a project of type (intensive insertion) should able to handle millions of insertion per day. The Current situation we have two table one of them includes 2 billion record (Id & ...
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Ordered high performance key-value DBMS

I need an ordered key-value database (pretty much like LevelDB) for Java. Additionally to the set of features provided by Level DB, I also need the following : Being able to get a keys position in ...
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Is there a library that can save data as file,but the same usage with a log library?

I am a C++ beginner. These days I study caffe and want to save some intermediate state and variables as files. Therefore I can locate the problems when bug occurs. I have searched and found that some ...
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Data visualization for accepting key=value pairs for test Score/Health charts/graphs/tables

I get automated test reports with two very simple end-of-test text files in key=value format that I would like to be able to convert to graphs and tables viewable in a web browser, and not impossible ...
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Simple in-process key-value store, usable in distributed proprietary programs

Currently GnuCOBOL uses Berkeley DB for INDEXED SEQUENTIAL file access (essentially a persistent key-value store). However, versions after 1.85 (which is buggy) have copyleft licenses that prohibit ...
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