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Need a Kanban X Ticketing Software, Open-Source and Self-Hosted?

Problem Statement: We're using scrum at work. Not every member has scrum account. Only senior members have it (I'm not sure why). The 60% employees are among juniors. So, our purpose is one of the ...
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0 answers

House hunting with kanban tools

I want to search for a new place, but as you know, this is no easy task. You have to apply to lots of landlords and keep track of data and add comments of these places. Furthermore, you have each &...
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1 vote
2 answers

Online Kanban tool with Swimlanes

I am looking for recommendations for an online Kanban tool with Swimlanes. Popular tools like Trello and Asana seem to not support this feature. Additionally, it would be great if I could also add WIP ...
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A hierarchical kanban board

Are there any kanban boards that support hierarchy? And by hierarchy, I mean an ability to put a kanban board inside of a kanban board. I know Quire has something like this but it doesn't really work ...
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Trello-like Kanban Board for React Native

As stated in the title, I want to use a kanban board in my react native application, but couldn't find any components. I found some packages like and others but ...
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6 votes
3 answers

digital scrum boards that capture the physical board experience

I've been trying out lots of different project management tools for our small software team (9 devs total, 5 of whom are in-house) and while I suppose no solution is a silver bullet, I find that all ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Todo list and/or Kanban tool

I'm looking for a to-do list and/or Kanban tool. I came across Kanban while looking up to-do list managers here and think that might be a good fit. I'm not really sure what I need as far as a task ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Open source agile backlog for managing user stories

I'm looking for an open source tool that can manage my agile backlog's user stories. Similar to this specific feature in JIRA or PivotalTracker. Right now I dump everything into a spreadsheet - but ...
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10 votes
8 answers

Combined kanban and gantt chart project management tool

Current we use Trello for project management of tasks, along with Gantt charts drawn in Google Sheets. The problem is that this is all associated to a project, but our team runs up to 10 projects at a ...
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1 answer

software development - progress tracker

we are currently working with kanban boards. i am interested in the following numbers: how long does a task take until it is live how long does a task spend in each lane (dev,qa,staging...) so ...
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