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2 answers

JPEG2000 for Python

I am about to run a simulation in which I need to encode and decode image files with JPEG2000. I need an API that gives me the flexibility to set coding rate (or quality of the compressed file). Is ...
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Tool for advanced lossy JPEG optimization

Short question I need to optimize my JPEG pictures targeted for the web. So I'm looking for a tool that achieves maximum compression while retaining an optimum of the quality. Choosing a default ...
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1 vote
2 answers

FLOSS PDF reader conforming to ISO-32000-1

What free software PDF readers claim they support ISO-32000-1? How many actually support it, including e.g. JPEG 2000 compression? (Can someone link a test case?) I'm interested mainly in answering ...
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FLOSS software to write PDF/A-2 with JPEG2000 compression?

Is there a free software or open source solution to write a JPEG2000-compressed PDF file, specifically a PDF/A-2 aka ISO 19005-2? Producing a PDF 1.1 file with lossless compression or JPEG ...
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