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Eclipse Jersey Alternative IDE Solution

Context: I want to create a REST client-server app with a database, Tomcat 10 and JDBC? I am looking for other IDE stacks to work with instead of Eclipse Jersey as I was currently investigating since ...
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Remote Database and Table creation using MySQL and accessing information using the JAVA

I don't know if this question has been answered before but I could not find any answer so I am posting. If found duplicate I am really sorry and guide me to the original post. I am trying to learn how ...
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Implementations of `CachedRowSet` for Java JDBC

In Java JDBC, the RowSet interface extends from ResultSet. The CachedRowSet interface extending RowSet provides for disconnected use, with data cached in memory, not needing a database connection to ...
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Cross-Platform mobile app development tool to connect to remote mysql database

I am working on a native PHP website with a very bad architecture and with no web services to use. The owner needs a mobile app to communicate with his website and fetch some data from the database. ...
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Render WKT data from HTTP calls, or JDBC

I have a proprietary database, which I can access either through JDBC, or HTTP calls. The database has WKT data I want a desktop viewer that works on Linux to show the data, and preferably it is free.
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Software to connect Apache Derby DB with Excel

I would like to use a Apache Derby database as source for an Excel file so that I can use the tables and manipulate them in Excel. I have tried to connect the Derby DB with the Derby ODBC Driver ...
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Replacement for jxDBCon?

jxDBCon is JDBC driver framework which implements generic parts of a JDBC driver. However it is unmaintained and implements only things in older, not current, JDBC. Are there any other libraries that ...
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What Java ORM can give me both dynamic SQL and control of the ResultSet at the same time?

Requirements for an ORM I'm looking for: Dynamic SQL with: 1.1. SQL injection prevention 1.2. named parameters 1.3. capability to set where clause conditions conditionally 1.4. capability to ...
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JDBC bulk data load/unload tool to work with Oracle, H2

Not looking for a complex ETL tool or anything like that. What I need is a tool that will do the following :- Connect to an Oracle database and dump contents of all tables (must be able to ask the DB ...
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Java library to load CSV file into any JDBC database

I would like to know if there is any library that I can use to populate tables in my application (tests and data migration) from CSV files using JDBC. I know some databases has this feature but I ...
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Fastest JDBC driver for SQL Server

What is the fastest JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server? Especially for SELECT operations with simple WHERE clauses, but also for INSERT and UPDATE operations. It must also be reliable, free to use, ...
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Open source application(s) for tomcat that use jdbc [closed]

There are a lot of open-source projects such as Wordpress, vBulletin, Fusion Ticket, Front Accounting, etc. These are all web applications devised for LAMP platforms, i.e., they are developed in the ...
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Programmatically build SQL queries in Java

We have a query that needs to be built dynamically when the user chooses search params in our GUI. I understand how to do this by hand in SQL by appending strings. While this does work there are a ...
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JDBC Connection Pool

What is the state-of-the-art in JDBC connection pool libraries? Years ago the Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool library was developed as an alternative for highly-threaded environments because of ...
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