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Use this tag if you're looking for software interacting with the Internet Relay Chat system, e.g. IRC clients, IRC servers, IRC bots, plugins, etc.

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IRC client that lets you group related channels

I need an IRC client for linux that would let me group related channels in the channel switcher treebar. For instance, if I were connected to a network called IRCNetwork, it should look something like ...
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Android chat client that supports IRC and XMPP

At work, we use XMPP, and for personal use, I use IRC. Are there any Android clients that support both, similar to Pidgin on Windows?
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IRC client that allows rich text?

What I'm Looking For An IRC programme (installed or web), plugin, etc. that allows for making rich-text formatting, either directly or through markup (e.g. markdown)? Same thing as #1 but compatible ...
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Looking for a IRC bouncer / client combo

I am looking for an IRC bouncer that can monitor multiple groups and then a compatible chat client for it. The bouncer will run on a Linux (RHEL 6) server 24x7 for monitoring, but I would like to be ...
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Looking for lightweight, Windows-compatible IRC client that has desktop notifications

I use IRC very infrequently. Mostly, I just leave it hidden in the system tray and only touch it if someone contacts me first (it's the primary form of real type communication for a FOSS project I ...
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Well known free Javascript (assistance) chat for integrating in a webapp

I am developing a webapp for the sales department of my company, and I would like to integrate a chat to allow them asking for direct technical support from us developers. My constraints are the ...
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IRC client that would preserve the history?

I use MacOS and Colloquy. I'm not 100% happy for several reasons: on laptop every time when device goes to sleep it disconnects me I don't see history of the channel when I reconnect I would like ...
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All in one chat client for Windows

I’m looking for an all in one chat client that supports the following protocols: Facebook IRC Skype WhatsApp If one or two of them is missing it is okay. It must be compatible with Windows 7 SP1 ...
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IRC client with sound options for each channel separately

I am searching for an IRC client with sound options for each channel separately. As an example what I want: Channel #example on irc.example (sound effect for any message from anybody, and when my ...
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How can I view an IRC log file with added colors?

I have some log files that are hard to read without coloring: 05-04-2014 19:04:17 < [email protected]: this is what I say 05-04-2014 19:04:18 < [email protected]: something ...
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Text mode IRC client that can trigger a command on an event

I'm a bit of an IRC addict, and I tend to appear online most of the time because I use a bouncer. I would like to get notifications to my phone when I'm mentioned on IRC. I don't want to run an IRC ...
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IRC client for very popular channels

I find myself watching streams with huge amounts of viewers (30k+) and joining the chat makes my IRC client (Hexchat) freeze and/or crash at times as it tries to list all the users and keep up with ...
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IRC client for android

What would be a good IRC client for Android? Using web clients in browsers sucks, it'd be great if there's a dedicated application. Features required: A smooth and intuitive UI Support for Android 4....
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