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iPad or iOS: PDF reader app that can display references when clicking on the corresponding citations

I am looking for an iPad app for reading research papers. This app should be able to display (using tooltip for example) the corresponding reference when the user clicks on a citation). On macOS, I ...
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Browse already downloaded offline websites on iOS

I downloaded a website on my computer and transferred it to my Ipad, but am unable to find an app that can browse it properly. The website is a folder with an index.html page and other html pages, ...
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iPad form used to pull data from larger document

I have an 80 page PDF document with lots of tables included and I would like to create a form on an iPad where I can pull in particular tables via a check box and then submit as a new PDF (shortened ...
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I am looking for an app that allows me to use Ipad 3 and 4 as secondary displays for MacOS

I am looking for a software that allows me to use 2 Ipads as secondary displays at the same time. I have a Macbook Pro 2019, an Ipad 3, and an Ipad 4. I know the Ipads are pretty old but I am looking ...
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Alternative for Apple Books

We are doing a project in which the .epub files are generated using windows inhouse built applications and being verified using Apple Books application in Apple Ipad(5th gen). We have more number of ...
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