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Integrations are the ability for applications to be used by other applications via an API interface.

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Recommendation for a tax calculation and filing system?

Right now my company uses Avalara to perform the functions of tax calculation, tax filing, tax exempt certificate management, and address validation. However, we want to end our contract with Avalara ...
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Make calls from my computer, not using VoIP

I am looking for a way to make phone calls from my computer. I have an android phone and a Mac computer. I'd like my mac to remotely control my phone, make the call, receive the call's input audio to ...
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Data mapping tools like dataweave

I’m planning to build a data mapper (Java object <-> XML <-> JSON, etc) as robust as DataWeave and more advanced than AtlasMap to support my integration workflow. Which basically can parse ...
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notification gateway or hub

I'm looking to a product that could relay notifications from an application hosted on a server to a number of channels like Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, Slack etc. Preferably open source so I can ...
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Open Source ETL to load ActiveMQ data into a column-oriented database

Can anybody suggest me an open source tool which can integrate with activemq as a source and load data into any columnar database management system like greenplum/cassandra etc. I have analysed ...
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