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Software to open or convert old Paint Shop Pro (*.psp) graphic files on GNU/Linux?

I have some old Paint Shop Pro files (*.psp) which I had created more than 20 years ago. I would like to open them on Linux, or at least convert them into some modern non-proprietary graphical file ...
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Image-Viewer to display SVG-Spline-graphic collections

Using git, I have recently installed the repository inkscape-open-symbols It contains a lot of open SVG graphics, in many subfolders. Last time I have counted there were 77 *.svg files in the multi-...
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Is there a way to save/export to clipboard?

Word 2013-Inkscape bad interoperability brought me to this question. When I want to use my Inkscape graphics in word, I either have to: 1. Save as... -> .EMF; 2. Export PNG ...then navigate in word or ...
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Save or export SVG as CMYK pixel data

I have an SVG graphic made with Inkscape which is designed for printing, i.e. I use CMYK colors (our corporate colors). I now need to provide this drawing as pixel data for the printing lab. The ...
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Looking for an engineering-like SVG design software

It's my first time in the design world so excuse me if I say really dumb things. I really know nothing about graphic design. I come from the engineering world and I'm used to use CAD software like ...
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Inkscape Alternative for Programmatic Manipulation of SVG Using PHP

EDIT: I originally stated that I was unable to manipulate Inkscape SVGs with JavaScript; this was an error on my part, owing to my failure (in my joy over discovering this site) to revisit the project ...
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Inkscape flat icon dropshadow

I need a plugin for Inkscape so that I can create dropshadow icons. What I specifically need is that it should use a path and give long dropshadow at a specified angle. An example for the expected ...
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