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Questions tagged [images]

Software for handling images and graphics, including creating, editing, converting, organizing, and printing.

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12 votes
2 answers

Image indexer and duplicate finder

I need a free program, that is able to index my images on my hard disk and find duplicates. I'd like to be able to find exact duplicates (same size, name and format could be different) as well as ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Easy to use graphics software to crop and resize and not much more

Need something that a technophobe could use to simply crop and resize images before uploading. Other options need to be kept at a minimum. IrfanView is great, but there are just too many options.
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108 votes
5 answers

Alternative for Graphviz with better automatic node placement for large graphs?

In the past I used Graphviz to create drawing of graphs. It is a nice tools for small graphs. But unfortunately, for large graphs, Graphviz really sucks: It always crossed edges that obviously could ...
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