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Best CUDA profiler

I'm deeply confused about the state of CUDA profiling. Right now I have a single kernel that I'd like to optimize, and I'm struggling to find what the right software is. As near as I can tell there ...
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Does it make sense to combine JIT'ed code with MPI to enhance performance? [closed]

I'm writing a package for solving computationally intensive systems of equations. I'm already using LLVM for just-in-time compilation but I'm now looking into parallelizing these algorithms for 1) ...
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Which compression utility should I use for an extremely large plain text file?

I have a lot of data. A lot. My data file is a little under 2TB (terabytes) of line-separated plain text records, each about 4 or 5 KB (totaling to a few hundred million records). I'm prioritizing ...
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Accelerated computing - which library to choose

I want to learn something about High Performance Computing as such and currently before me stands the topic of accelerated computing (like GPU computing). I would like to ask you which technology is ...
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An Overclocking Software Compatible With 16h Family CPU/APUs

I have tried different overclocking software (BrazosTweaker, AMD Overdrive) and none are compatible with 16h family CPU/APUs. I want to overclock my 1.50GHz CPU to maybe 2.00GHz but I can't without a ...
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Job scheduling software

I am looking for software to improve my workflow, when running computational (numerical) exeriements. After seeing how things are done in the super-computer world, with PBS, I want to get some of ...
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