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Use this tag if you're looking for software to "automate your home" – be it for lighting, heating, or home-theater; with Z-Wave, EnOcean, X10, KNX, you-name-it.

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Monitoring LG's ThinQ appliance status

The LG ThinQ app can be used to determine the status of stove-tops, ovens, TV's, etc., but (I think) must be queried manually. Is there an app or web page that will continually monitor these devices ...
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Open source home surveillance software

I have a Bosch home surveillance DVR system (I think the 5000 series) that came with the house that's connected to 8 cameras around the house I want to have a home surveillance system that can at a ...
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Open smart home system with focus on alerting

I am looking for a smart home solution with the focus on integrating various security sensors (water/flood sensors, gas sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, smoke sensor, maybe door/window sensors). The ...
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Wireless gate closure software/hardware combo

I have a small fence around my house with 2 small gate doors that latch closed. These are gates for people, not cars. I would like to find an affordable software / hardware combo to let me know if ...
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Infrared codes for Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

I need to enable an ESP32 to control any air conditioner / heat pump. The application requires autonomous remote control. Database I am aware of a few online databases that cover some but definitely ...
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Simple Web UI for executing commands

What do I need? I need a simple WebUI that allows to define buttons for shell commands. Use cases: GUI for simple API calls from Postman via curl Trigger WakeOnLAN Restart application via SSH or ...
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