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Source code highlighter for HTML5 that uses CSS classes

I am going to rewrite a project that currently uses Pygments in Crystal. I need a replacement for Pygments. It doesn't have to be a library, it can be a standalone binary I call out to. I found GNU ...
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Which free software to use for pinpointing details on an image (and write notes on it)?

Which (free) software can I use to label/pinpoint details on a picture, as small as the details on the painting Netherlandish Proverbs by Pieter Brueghel the Elder? Preferably a software... ......
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Ability to highlight coordinated (bounding box) areas of a PDF/TIFF document online

There are 2 types of documents I am dealing with PDF/TIFF. The PDF documents could be image based. We use Azure's Cognitive Vision service for OCR which returns coordinates for words like below. &...
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