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Customer support applications.

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Technical-Documentation, Knowledge base, Help-Desk

We are building help-desk/knowledge base for an electron based software. Need recommendations for some platforms that support the following specifications ; The platform should be able to store the ...
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Finding a Fitting Ticket-System

long time forum stalker here - now finally with a question I think is best posted here. Weve looked at known top ticket-systems up to now (FreshDesk, Jira, Zendesk, etc), but there are some important ...
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ISO - helpdesk solution with many integrations

I am in search of the best helpdesk / servicedesk for my company. We create software and hardware solutions for retail and industrial clients. It should have the following features: Create requests ...
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Software to protect elderly people

My grandfather always downloads the most scammy software you could possibly find in the web: - shady antivirusses - Help centres - Porn software and so on. I don't know how he gets it, he just asks me ...
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Looking for a customer support oriented ticketing system

We are looking for a ticketing system where customers can write to us via a particular email address ([email protected]) and have their messages turned into tickets that multiple people can work on ...
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Helpdesk, community, knowledgebase, documentation

We're building a SaaS app. I'd like use another SaaS to handle the customer service parts of the app. Specifically, I'm looking for: Single sign-on. When the customer signs into our app, they should ...
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Task management software with cards, pictures&files, notifications, checklists, deadlines, labels

We are looking for a new task management software, that could ideally also be used as a helpdesk and knowledgebase software. At the moment we are using OneNote to create and manage our tasks (+) ...
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IT Ticket Helpdesk Support Software

I am looking for an IT ticket/Help Desk tracking software so I can have my customers create technology tickets they are having and I could track them, respond and fix the issue. I found this post but ...
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Free cloud help desk for small open source team

1. About us Our team: 2 developers 1 bot sometimes another developers small contribute to our repositories sometimes users create and comment their issues At the time we use GitHub Issues for ...
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Multi-Vendor Help desk

I have been working with a lot of clients world wide and at one point of time their business needs a help desk software. I wanted to know if there is any solution that includes a multi-vendor help ...
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Affordable helpdesk+invoicing/billing/CRM with API? (alternative to WHMCS for non web hosts)

I am looking for something that can provide a helpdesk, a decent api and excellent invoicing/billing/crm features, at either a more affordable price, or ideally an open source solution. Can anyone ...
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Open-source alternatives to Zendesk?

I'm looking for an IT-Support help-desk/servicedesk ticket-system. I came across Zendesk. It's nice, but I'm more interested in open-source solution. Can somebody recommend me some service-desk/help-...
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Help Desk Suite (or combo of software) - free/open source if possible

I am assisting a friend in revamping their help desk ticketing system, documentation system, and more right now. Currently they use a lot of Word Docs and notepad documents all semi-organized on a ...
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Email-based helpdesk

I'm trying to find helpdesk/ticketing software that is largely email-based. This means it should ideally have the following features: All new emails sent to a support email (e.g. [email protected])...
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Help authoring/hosting tool.

I am looking for some kind of help authoring/publishing tool. We want to use it for an online help system for our internal applications. Ideally, we would host it and our staff could author the ...
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Best Troubleshooting builder tool

We have a CMS builder in our company which is managed by business guys, the problem is for every issue they come to development team, and 90% of issue are not related to code (configurations and ...
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New software team lead, looking to upgrade tools

I recently promoted to the Technical Project Manager role for the small software company I work for. We produce one main product that is supported by numerous smaller products. At any given time we ...
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Open source IT ticket system that works well with AD for authentication

I work for a company that wants to go with an open source IT ticket system that is easy to integrate for the users on our domain. We want them to be able to login with their user accounts that are on ...
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Free PHP-based helpdesk chat software

We have a helpdesk which at the moment accepts only phone calls and emails, which is a little problematic when we need to request a lot of technical information step by step. We have a lot of systems ...
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Collect computers spec & antivirus information over domain network

We are a company with over 1000 desktop and laptops joined domain network. I as HelpDesk expert would like to know if there is any software that help me to collect informations about all clients over ...
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GitHub, but without an account for issue submission (Or a similarly simple bug tracker, I suppose)

I'm part of a constantly changing organization that changes members every 4 years and I'd like to implement a system for users to submit problems with the organization without having to make an ...
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Knowledge management and e-learning software

We are looking for a software or multiple but integrated software to support helpdesk, sales and other people in our company. We'd like the following features but we could cope with just a subset of ...
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SiT! plugin to share files with clients

I am considering using SiT! (Support Incident Tracker) as a helpdesk platform. I would love to use this same platform to share files with clients: contracts, deliverables, etc. Requirements: One ...
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Helpdesk / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

I'm looking for CRM software that meets the following requirements: Web-based (ASP.NET compatible) Has an instant messenger feel (e.g. a modal or popup) Questions can be sent to our Customer Support ...
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Online Helpdesk/Ticketing Systems

We are a starting company that just launched a product. We currently are not using an helpdesk ticketing system, we just answer mails. We are looking for a system that provides: Automatic mailing ...
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Java framework/library to easily add helpdesk functionality in an existing web application

In a JSF-based legacy web application I have to develop very simple help desk functionality. I'm looking for a java framework which can speed the work but after a long search I found nothing, only ...
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Support ticket system that integrates with both Salesforce and (FogBugz or Trello or Gitlab)

I'm looking for a ticketing system (like Zendesk) that integrates with both Salesforce and either Fogbugz/Trello/Gitlab. Right now we use FogBugz as a ticketing system but it's not ideal for customer ...
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Customer support application using a Q&A dependency tree

I'm look for an online app to build a helpdesk q&a section. But one that would lead the customer through the process. Example: Do you have a mac or a pc? If answer is "pc" the next question ...
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Help Desk Software?

I've been hunting for a help desk software that fulfills my requirements (in order of importance): Self-hosted Web-based Multiple queues/topics/categories Custom form per queue/topic/category ...
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