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Questions tagged [heatmap]

Software that creates, modifies, or interprets graphical heatmaps.

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Using heatmap view in custom images JS

I'm making a web with angular 9, taking data about pressure sensors in the feet and I would like to have a visual way to represent the data. I saw some libraries that handle heatmaps like D3.js but I ...
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Heatmap tool/software representation ideas

All, looking some recommendations on software and/or libraries to do the following I want to present a very visual (possible interactive) heatmap The data I have is as follows Number of employees ...
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standalone software to generate heat map of movement from video

I need a software to analyse my CCTV video and show a heat map of movement like this picture: I don’t want to use cloud base solutions like this because I don’t have IP camera. Also I’m programmer ...
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Touch heat map for Android homescreen

I'm looking for an app that show me the touching distribution of my homescreens? There are many similar apps, but they only analyze inside particular apps, not the whole phone, or at least the ...
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AngularJS grid with heatmap

I am looking for a FOSS AngularJS grid, as full featured as possible. But the main feature is that I would like some heatmap like colo(u)ring of the individual cells of the grid. Smaller numbers ...
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