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Gratis IDE/editor for Graphviz

I am aware of this question, but it is eight years old, and asking for an OS X app. Is there any gratis IDE/editor where I can edit my input text, split-screen, and immediately have the GraphViz ...
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Is there a Graphviz viewer/explorer that can collapse clusters?

Is there a viewer/explorer software that allows you to collapse and expand clusters? I.e., you have this graph before, and via collapsing, it gets displayed as this graph afterwards? I’d prefer an ...
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.NET library for laying out graphs

I am trying to find a c# .NET library for computing layouts of directed/undirected graphs. I only need the library to produce the layout (return the positions of the nodes), not render anything. I am ...
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An application to display only certain elements of an SVG

I am looking for an SVG viewer that allows me to select/toggle the visibility attribute of elements, preferably via point and click, but easy queries would be fine as well. I've found previous SVG ...
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Collapsible graphviz alternative for nested nodes

I am working on a hobby project and I need an alternative for graphviz to show nested nodes with collapsible features. For example , I need this to be in a form So that when I click on a0 it gives ...
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Latest Graphviz for Windows [closed]

I found the latest Graphviz source code on but where can I download the latest Windows installer?
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Is there a tool for drawing a "data structure diagram"?

What kind of graph types do these images belong to? Data structure diagram, maybe? And how to draw it? Any tools for this purpose? I try to use a table with Graphviz dot, but when with a long text, ...
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