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Software that aids in the design of graphical art.

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7 votes
4 answers

Software for Website Mockups (Win/Linux)

I would like software to help me design websites. I can code, but do anything visual on paper and in the browser. I know there may not be something I'm looking for as there are people still using ...
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9 votes
6 answers

What is a good way to quickly develop a mock GUI?

I'm looking for a method/tool/software to easily create a GUI. The GUI should look good, but nothing very fancy. It should have checkboxes, lists, radio buttons etc. The important thing is that ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Web-based garment builder

I'm after a 'garment builder' - the kind you find on custom T-shirt design website pages. Preferably: Open source or otherwise able to link from an existing website, Able to upload custom images (...
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4 votes
2 answers

Free software to design magazine covers and pages

Am looking for free software to design magazine covers and pages (magazine pages with rich color and images). I searched web and found this -
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2 votes
1 answer

Color blindness simulation

In order to check the perception of color choices, I'd like to be able to simulate color blindness for people with normal eyesight (me, basically). My goal is to weaken / worsen / decrease the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Software for mathematical shapes

I try to find a software or web app which are suitable for mathematical shapes design. I have tried Geogebra Cabri II sketchpad but all of them have low quality results comparing them with the ...
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Simple installer-maker for minimal and graphical setup

I want to make an installer that basically: Silently install other programs Run a shell script Clone a git repo It's a way to solve File synchronization solution for controlling type of sync for ...
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