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Find certain websites that I visited

My question might be off-topic but I've been looking for hours and don't know where else to ask. Obviously, the choice would be to look in my browser history but there is nothing I'm looking for. I ...
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Searching the source (website) of a file by uploading the file

I'd like to know if there is a way to know which is the web source where a file is taken. I have a ppt file and I'd like to upload it in a search engine in order to know which is the URL of the ...
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Software or extension to view images on Google full screen with navigation

When I search a name on Google image search, it shows a lot of images. When clicking on them, Google opens a small image on the right side, which one can navigate with arrow keys. Is it possible to ...
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I need a tool for analysing my website SEO performance

I've recently looked for help on the market for SEO-help/providers but decided in the process that I should be able to do a lot of the work myself. Can anyone recommend a solid SEO-tool for analysing ...
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Software / API to track new concepts or ideas from web searches

Is there any Software or API of Google,Twitter or other search Engines or Social Networks to track emergent or new concepts/ideas (words) or new combinations, made from the searches in the web, but ...
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Solution to search browser-URL-history first before the rest of the WWW

Yesterday I spent a whole day researching a problem I made when setting up a new laptop for Dual Boot with Linux--I deleted a required partition before I created recovery media for a system pre-...
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Getting to know related search queries from google

Are there any tools out there, that I can use to know popularly searched queries through google ? Say, if I want queries pertaining to iPhone battery or ios performance that people might have searched ...
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Search engine to which I can apply my own filtering/reordering

I am looking for a website similar to Google Search, where I can apply some custom reordering and filtering to the search results. For example I'd like to deprioritize sites with commerce focus (...
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Download Image from Keywords

I have around 50000 sentences, I want relevant images closely or partially related to those sentences. Before google image search APIv1 was best suited for my need as now it is deprecated need to find ...
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Tool to keep track of the Google rank of my website for a particular search

Let's say I own and want to see how my website ranks or Google when people search "recommended software". Example: Right now I see that the first ** result is at ...
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