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Questions tagged [geocoding]

The process of finding a map coordinate for a text-encoded location such as a street address.

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Looking for Map2Geo alternative to share location data between Android apps

It is unnecessarily difficult to share geo data between apps in Android. Pick a location in one app and share it with your navigation app? Nope. Park the car in maps and send the location to your ...
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Tool, library, database or API for my OSM based application

I have build an dotnet 6.0 REST API that retrieves upcoming and passed objects based on a users position. I use nominatim to get an OSM_Id from a users' lat/lon. I then use that OSM_ID to query my ...
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2 answers

How would I reverse-geocode coordinate locations to a county (Python)?

I currently am working on a piece of code in Python that takes in a csv file of latitude and longitude coordinates and returns a new csv file with the corresponding county codes. How would I go about ...
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Offline reverse geocoding at country level [(lat, lon) to country] for Ruby

I am looking for offline geocoder that would locate country where specific point is located be usable in a Ruby script work offline (required due to a high number of points) is using OpenStreetMap ...
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3 votes
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Geocoder, free for commercial use

I am trying to move away from all Google products. For mapping, I am using AngularJS 1.x and Leaflet. I was surprised to find that Leaflet does not support geocoding, where I pass an address and ...
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OpenStreetMap-based geocoding/geolocation/maps/places API

I am currently using google maps in my web and mobile applications, but want to switch to an OSM alternative. The following services are the ones I use with gmaps: I need an OSM provider that can ...
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2 answers

Reverse geocoding API to check if location is residential

I'm using several reverse geocoding options such as Foursquare, Google, and OpenStreetMap to retrieve place information, but the one type of place that none of these seem to be able to do is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Which api should I use to get location based information about places for iOS app?

Should I use Google's Places API or Tripadvisor for points of interests? Apparently TripAdvisor does not allow combining their results with another source. Which of those (or others) is free and ...
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Can you recommend a free API to get a list of regions and cities from a country?

I need to populate some drop-down lists for an address form, so whenever a user selects a country, he should have a list of all regions (states/provinces or whatever official subdivision the country ...
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Geocoding API which provides city/region/country/etc details with a single request/response

I am trying to find an API or a data source which provides complex geolocation and place informations. My request : "City district name" API respond : City district data (name + id + gps ...) City ...
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Batch geocoding software that works in Japan

I have 185,000 pairs of Japanese zip codes and I wish to calculate the driving distance between each pair I am able to do this individually for each pair using tools such as: http://www....
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3 votes
1 answer

Tiny Java library to roughly guess country from latitude/longitude

I develop an Android app that lets people upload a picture and tag it. When the picture's EXIF data has GPS coordinates in Japan, I would like to add #japan to the tag suggestions. Requirements: 100%...
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