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Are there any libraries in python for working with GEDCOM files?

I know there are many libraries out there for parsing GEDCOM files. I am looking for a library that makes it easier to make GEDCOM files. If you know of any please let me know.
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Software to make a radial genealogy tree

I want to make a genealogy tree with this style (radial ) like this: Click image for larger variant I first tried to do it with Photoshop but I don't really master it and my family has about 100 ...
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Need a python gedcom library that can write gedcom files

I need a python library that can write Gedcom string inputs. all I have been able to find are parsers, but nothing that can write Gedcom. also, I need this to be able to generate a family tree to a ...
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Free Genealogy Software

I'm looking for a free program that I can use to create and document fictional family trees. It needs to either be desktop or able to run on Chrome OS. I'd prefer if I was able to give a person ...
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PIM, or CRM, or product manager for purchasing rather than sales?

I am looking for software that has similar features to CRM software, but is focused on tracking purchasing rather than sales -- to handle the pre-purchase process. When doing genealogy and family ...
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Image viewer that lets you freeze rows and columns?

I'm doing genealogical research and looking at scanned graphics of old censuses. It is tabulated data, much like a large Excel spreadsheet. If I were actually using Excel, I could freeze header rows ...
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What's the best HTML+SVG+CSS based approach for displaying a family tree structure with both parents and multiple interconnections?

I'm looking for a flexible way to display the output of the GEDCOM data model or Gramps data model, which are the most common data models for genealogy. Both data models support family trees that ...
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Simple layman genealogy software

I recently checked Gramps and Ancestris, both genealogy software. My requirements for a layman that has bad memory are much different from those that professional genealogy tools are providing. I ...
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Format and Software for Self-Hosted Web Based Genealogy Website

I used to host a webpage for my family history / genealogy efforts and it is still there but in very basic form and I am debating about resurrecting it but am torn on the format of what is 'effective' ...
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Offline GEDCOM viewer for Chromebook

I am looking for a simple genealogy package that will run on a Chromebook. The package only has to be able to display a GEDCOM file in a tree format on the Chromebook when disconnected from the ...
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Offline genealogy software

I am searching for a genealogy software to gain an overview of my family. Required features Offline software for Windows or self-hosted website Graphical display of the family tree Display the names ...
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Genealogy software for Windows RT

I am looking for a genealogy package that will run on a Microsoft Surface using the ARM processor and the RT version of Windows 8/8.1. Either free or paid for. There are many packages for Windows; ...
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